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Work Group Development and Facilitation

The Coalition works with members to strengthen existing Work Groups in each of the strategic domains and build additional collaborative groups as needed to advance the group’s objectives. We actively identify and recruit the right additional representatives of substance for each of the Work Group areas, determine appropriate Work Group short- and long-term objectives, develop strategies and work plans for achieving these goals, establish the frequency and types of meetings and activities necessary to make meaningful progress, and execute strategies for achieving the goals and objectives with outside parties.


The Coalition recently spent two full days in Washington DC, visiting with Congress and staffers of key legislative committees to inform them of the founding of the Coalition and make them aware that we are a resource for them. The structure and objectives of this activity were directly linked to the PEC’s core objectives. We will continue ongoing relationship building with the Hill, educating on the utility and value of private exchanges in the marketplace, as well as answering their questions and offering insights into specific technical issues as they arise.

Ongoing Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The Coalition reaches out to stakeholders with a shared interest in the private exchange market. These institutions might consist of payers, regulators, trade association, web-based entities, specialty health plans, and providers (where applicable). We work to orient these groups to the efforts of the Coalition and include them in the appropriate discussions. This outreach consists of establishing a media presence, through press releases, the launch of a website, white papers, and blogs as well as personal interactions with industry participants at conferences, legislative meetings and other forums throughout the year.

Monthly Policy & Market Analyses

The Coalition monitors regulatory communications and policy, reviews federal and state legislative activity, and attends policy meetings and discussions where appropriate and relevant. On a monthly basis, the PEC furnishes a report of current activity and areas that the Coalition should actively follow to its members. Important real-time developments are captured, shared, and discussed during regular calls.

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